Rumah Kentang

After her mother’s death, Farah moves into her mother-inherited house. The house is known as Rumah Kentang (Potato House). If there is a smell of boiled potatoes come out from inside the house and there is a pot boiling potatoes by itself, it means there is a ghost in the house. Farah doesn’t believe that legendary story. But Rika, her sister who doesn’t talk much always feels scared. They begin to smell the aroma of boiled potatoes, hearing voices, and experiencing strange events. Various instances of paranormal disturbance occur. They are not alone.d hope.

Rocky Soraya

Jose Poernomo

Shandi Aulia
Gilang Dirgahari
Chintami Atmanegara

  • Film 308

  • Mall Klender

  • Mata Batin